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Measured against this ask, the finance minister has broadly delivered. The fiscal deficit numbers for the current year and next are in line with market expectations at 3.8% and 3.5% of Gross Domestic Product respectively. Gross market borrowing for next year at INR 7,81,000 crores is similarly in the ball-park expectation range, while no extra borrowing for the current year is an unequivocal positive surprise for the market. A greater reliance on capital receipts, if fructified, will ensure that the fiscal impulse stays positive even as there is a 0.3% net consolidation in deficit into FY21.

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How Many Kubernetes Clusters Exist Today? – Container Journal

How Many Kubernetes Clusters Exist Today?.

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Essentially, the design process is completed on site during construction, in collaboration with the owner and contractor. The Construction Administration Phase begins with a preconstruction meeting with all parties. On site any atypical connections and transitions are worked out, using the “three heads are better than one” approach. A once-a-week site visit with owner, contractor and architect works really well for this.

I use the control charts to see what our cycle time is for the dev work but the analysis is an interesting one to assess. In our earlierpost – Improve sprint throughputwe had discussed about how important it is to have stories ready for play before team picks it as part of the sprint. In short, if half-cooked stories are pushed to sprints for execution, then team will spend lot of time analysing, re-working and this eventually reduces team throughput. We have developed this Financial Dictionary that could be used by anyone for free on our website. We have provided the meanings of almost all the financial terms along with the context in which they can be used. If you have lingering doubts on any financial term, then all you must do is log on to our website and check out the Financial Dictionary.

How Do I Calculate Variation for These Estimates?

Another way to distribute unbundled rights is to allow more than one broadcaster into the venue to telecast the event. In this case, each broadcaster’s rights would be defined and limited by careful contractual provisions. However, the logistics of multiple film crews covering the same event, each jostling for the best vantage point, often make this an impractical proposition. Cyril Angles and 2UW benefited enormously from this arrangement, and Victoria Park’s patrons soon began sitting at home in droves, listening to Cyril’s broadcast and the promotional messages of 2UW’s delighted sponsors. George Taylor was handsomely rewarded for his ingenious platform to the tune of one pound for every time Angles scaled the ladder.

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Although slightly premature to say, but reaction functions of global central banks may accordingly change as well to take into account this new growth headwind. These dynamics may increase local market risk appetite for bonds for now. However, sustenance of this appetite will require the bond inclusion plans to take traction and / or a continued commitment from RBI on term spread targeting.

Estimation Techniques

Inaccurate cost estimation and budgeting is one of the main root causes of project cost overruns. Once the budgeted costs are lower than what is really required, the recovery is very difficult. The only way out is re-estimation, and re-budgeting, which is a long drawn out process, especially for infrastructure projects based on fixed price bids.


The way the costs are estimated is different in both methods, and it is important for any project management professional to understand how both these estimations work. Depending on the method used, a company will have more or less tolerance for variation from the estimate. The actual situation may not be same, depending on the various factors from time to time.

Use Planning Board for Product Backlog Grooming

ball park estimates estimates are based on detailed Work Breakdown Structures . While budgetary estimates are possible with high levels of work breakdown structures, for definitive estimates one need detailed work breakdown structures meeting the 8-80 rule. Unfortunately, fixed price contracts are signed much before the preparation of the detailed work breakdown structures with the required granularity. Here, each software component is estimated and the combined result is used to arrive at the ballpark estimate the cost of project.

The accumulated knowledge of small components is added to arrive at the estimate of the system. The analysis and refinement enable project estimators effective software development project cost estimates. This model while being more stable and detailed is more time consuming and even overlook system costs. The solution will help to take quick action to close the order/call with a quick turnaround time. The client desired to have an automated solution that would convince the customer quickly and estimate quickly the time needed for complex requirements in a competitive market.

Although there is a more accepted variation with a ROM estimate, it is still vital that a project management professional complete the work to make the estimate as accurate as possible. There are limits to what is acceptable in regard to the price variation. The variation between estimated and actual costs with a ROM estimate can easily be plus or minus fifty percent. Anyone preparing a ROM estimate should be sure to indicate that the accuracy of the estimate can vary greatly, especially if it is in the early stages of a project. We need to bear in mind that earnings during the pandemic are supported by a number of factors.

  • These independent variables may be feature definitions, design or specification documents, or any other variables that describes the scope or type of project work.
  • Depending on the method used, a company will have more or less tolerance for variation from the estimate.
  • While we have tried our best to be as reasonably accurate as possible, we cannot assure you regarding the financial outcome of your investments.
  • This means that the government has done a significant undercounting of India’s Covid-19 deaths.

Clearly in a democracy this is what a government is expected to do. Why then is India the only country that is disputing the WHO’s figures? Instead of arguing why WHO’s approach to excess mortality is faulty, it has launched a broadside against the use of modelling to estimate Covid-19 deaths.

For health insurance, commission is 15% of the premium, every year. In case of, distributor’s commission can range from 0.05% to around 1% p.a. Your feedback on our services may be used for our marketing & promotional purposes at places like our Website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, flyers, brochures, presentations, conferences & seminars and prospect meetings etc.

In this case there would be no reason to assign any particular rights to broadcasters who could not use them and a high degree of unbundling and specification would be possible. However, this method is not often practised, partly because broadcasters want more control over the signal they are to distribute. Ultimate control over broadcasting activities in a sporting venue therefore resides with the owner of the venue.


ClearTax offers taxation & financial solutions to individuals, businesses, organizations & chartered accountants in India. ClearTax serves 1.5+ Million happy customers, 20000+ CAs & tax experts & 10000+ businesses across India. A ballpark figure is a rough statistical estimate or an estimate of value otherwise unknown.

The expected accuracy of estimates increases as the project progresses. When the project is in evaluation stage a Rough Order of Magnitude estimate will serve the purpose. The expected accuracy levels of rough order of magnitude estimates are between -15 to +75 percentage. During project portfolio planning a Budgetary estimate is required. The expected accuracy level of budgetary estimates are between -15 to +15 percentage. During the planning phase of the project, one need the most accurate estimates known as Definitive estimates whose expected accuracy level is between -5 to +5 percentage.

  • India and China are two countries providing some life line for the ailing global economy.
  • In general, when a company or business wants a ROM cost completed, they are looking for a ballpark number instead of an exact figure.
  • It is in the company of the larger middle income countries like Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia etc., and even some rich countries like the US.
  • A lot of content may be hoarded jealously by these vertically integrated behemoths, and content is bound to suffer.
  • Usually they are involved since project initiation and are part of project planning and implementation, so as to better apply skills and experience of experts.

A project manager can help to prepare more accurate estimates; to begin with, it is vital to get all of the inputs correct when calculating the cost. Some project managers use historical data when calculating the cost of a project; although this can work in certain situations, over the long term this will lead to higher variations in estimated and final costs. The income tax department of the government of India in a recent press release, gave out the direct tax collection figures for the current financial year up to Sept 22, 2021. The numbers are quite good – net corporate tax collections have grown at a 2-year compound annual growth rate of 11.1% and net income tax collections have grown at a 12.7% 2-year CAGR.

Weak Winter Storage Withdrawal Sends Natural Gas Futures Lower – Natural Gas Intelligence

Weak Winter Storage Withdrawal Sends Natural Gas Futures Lower.

Posted: Thu, 02 Mar 2023 16:22:23 GMT [source]

A company or business cannot expect an accurate definitive estimate to be prepared if the proper data points are not provided. In general, there are contract documents and a scope of work that is provided in order to back up the estimate claims. A definitive estimate should be prepared from fully designed plans with different scenarios that can be projected out.

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