Gridcoin Tutorial: Solo Mining; A guide trough magnitude, neural network and beacons

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I was also curious about the pomegranate cpid, did some searching, and ran across this thread. I don’t think it’s in the interest of Gridcoin to take over any part of BOINC. Rather, we interface with BOINC to get the statistics we need for Gridcoin. It’s always there – it perhaps should have happened earlier but if proof of a legitimate operation happens now then we as a community will still have to accept it. You can probably start to see why I’m fuming at this hit piece. All this information is circumstantial and is/was public.

  • At the time of writing (January 2022), there are over 8,000 cryptocurrencies in existence.
  • In case Pomegranate has the consent from members to install the software and add projects as he feels fit this would be fine but if he doesn’t, I would consider it unacceptable.
  • In other words, you need to ensure that your Gridcoin client has been synced with the whitelisted projects to which you would like to contribute.
  • Transactions may be rejected this way when attempting to run development build on production network.

The energy usage of bitcoin alone is staggering, consuming as much electricity as some countries. And this is likely to keep increasing as the technology behind it does not and cannot scale in any reasonable way. When running their software in a sandbox, we found the end user has no choice on what projects are run. The instructions are sent from their account manager.

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Though this may sound weird, you need to have a positive GRC balance to begin contributing power and building rewards. Luckily, there are sites called “faucets’ whereby you can receive tiny amounts of free GRC solely for the sake of building a balance. The network will keep track of your earnings, this is called Current Research Reward. Every time your wallet finds a new block on the network (Proof of Stake) your wallet will collect this reward. Finding a new block on the network depends on how many coins you have, so the more coins you have the easier your wallet have to stake a new block.

gridcoin advertise beacon

I wonder if all of this has to do in that for the past few months I wasn’t able to state a block… Execute beaconstatus also is saying that my keys are incorrect even if I restored them from previous backups in the backup folder.


Therefore, if you are a small fish within the Gridcoin network, being a contributor to projects and thus being paid out is difficult, or time-consuming if nothing else. Because of this, there are pools by which you and your CPID join other smaller users to create a larger group. Gridcoin (GRC) is a cryptocurrency that incentivizes participation in the production of science. We reward people for volunteering their computational resources towards open drug discovery, physics, astronomy, math and other community-approved research projects. Help cure diseases, fight cancer, solve mathematical equations and map the galaxy while being rewarded for your contribution.

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This was ridiculous, of course, playing on the idea that actual cryptocurrencies have no actual value either. This should tell you that we never thought seriously about entering that space. It’s a topic that is practically inescapable these days, whether online or off. But when it comes to cryptocurrency, all that virtually glimmers is not gold. Yes, it sucks as miners that we make less with pomegranate around but it does go towards a good cause. The main issue is that they did not simply come out and say that they are the charity engine pool but instead tried to keep things opaque.

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LOL, HeyMerlin is UofS-Computer-Science and his CPID is 015baf274dd9265b1c53d6aa064cface. If you took as much time doing actual research as you do writing giant walls of text (full of bullshit with no real facts), you would’ve known that. As far as I’m concerned, taking advantage of other peoples ‚lack of security‘ and knowledge is tantamount to larceny. Discussion has been going on in public on slack and IRC, the chance to clear their name has come and gone ..

  • If you lose your private keys, or if someone steals it from you, you effectively lose the ownership of your coins without any recourse.
  • By now there is more information from the comments and I no longer see the issue.
  • As you stake more projects and build a larger stake in many projects overall, you will be rewarded with GRC over time.
  • I am indeed opposed to public slander & doxing of individuals of whom you suspect are committing serious large scale computer crime (running a botnet will get you life in jail).
  • The quantity of all coins/tokens that have ever been issued (even if the coins are locked), minus all coins/tokens that have been removed from circulation (burned).
  • Always visit your crypto’s website and community for information and updates.

What happens when I am done with a project and starts crunching another, while a friend is still crunching a different project 2 days going? All I am saying is, be selective or choose wisely. I also want to shout out to @officialfuzzy with #beyondbitcoin for doing a great show.

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