Top 5 Skills Required for a Mobile Application Developer

This programming language is both a framework and a runtime environment, common on Windows systems, Linux, and iOS apps. For anyone seriously considering becoming a mobile app developer but unsure where to begin, this section will help provide some direction. Keep reading to learn more about how to break into the tech space. Nearly 75% of the world population prefers using Android as against the 15% of iOS.

Even being a client means that to hire a mobile app developer, you need to know which skill-set to look for. Since most applications use either Java (for Android) or Swift (for iOS), knowing these programming languages becomes a fundamental skill every developer should know inside and out. For Android mobile app development, Java is a favorite due to its reliability for apps that require high security. When it comes to Swift, its popularity is primarily due to its intuitive language syntax structure. A compelling portfolio can make all the difference in job searching and finding great opportunities.

Android Interactivity

You also should be absolutely aware of your contemporaries and the changing scenarios so that you can implement new changes and features in your app(s) accordingly. Learning more languages will increase your versatility and prowess over both the platforms which help you to be better in the game. A user usually looks for easy navigation features, call to action buttons, support and helpdesk options, etc. Familiar signs such as the red button for closing should be added.

mobile app developer skills

There is a review process for every phase where each phase has specific deliverables. Knowing the Agile Methodology is one of the key mobile application developer requirements. Mobile app developers not only have to be proficient in multiple programming languages, but they also need to understand UX, interface design, and app marketing dynamics. Well-known agencies like WillowTree, Y Media Labs, or Intellectsoft offer a proven track record in delivering high-quality bespoke mobile applications. Many software development agencies provide mobile app development services. So where do you start if you’re looking for mobile app developers?

Vital Sense of the UX/UI

At an impressive rate, business and technological development has emerged, causing an increased demand for experienced mobile application developers. An Android app developer is an entry-level position, but certain skills are required to obtain this kind of job. For starters, you’ll need an understanding of programming languages to create the code behind an app.

mobile app developer skills

You may need to fetch data from the server, query data from the local database, save user preferences, and do file handling. To use a local database, use the Room database, which is part of Android Jetpack’s architecture component. To save a small amount of data such as key-value pairs or typed objects you can use Jetpack’s DataStore, which uses Kotlin coroutines and Flow to store data.

Implementing Navigation

Poor UI can result in poor accessibility and further uninstallation of the app as it wouldn’t encourage your users to spend more time with your app. Gain fluency in JavaScript — the world’s most popular programming language — and start leveraging its versatile capabilities to build rich, interactive websites and applications. You might consider getting a bachelor’s degree in software development, mobile application development, mobile computing, or a similar program. As you look through job advertisements, you’ll notice that many of them do ask for a four-year degree. As an Android app developer, you’ll likely want to interact with many other services.

You’ll need to apply graphic design skills to determine the layout, functionality, and aesthetics of your user interface (UI). The following sections outline some of today’s most successful examples of mobile app development. The first step in finding the right mobile app developer involves knowing where to look. Afterward, you must craft an enticing job ad, efficiently screen applicants, and conduct insightful interviews. Mobile app development agencies offer a wealth of experience and are scalable to larger projects. Agencies include multiple developers, designers, branding experts, and other professionals.

Experience of Agile Methodology

With a career as an Android app developer, you can create mobile apps that are used on Android smartphones, tablets, and more. This Android developer skill may not be strictly necessary depending on the company and your needs, but it’s good to have. You will most likely need to use some kind of version control tool eventually. Git lets you experiment with new application features and coding techniques with confidence. The moment you realize you are evolving your project in the wrong direction, you can restore your previous version, hassle-free and course correct. As a prerequisite, you need to have Git installed in the local system.

mobile app developer skills

Accordingly, you should test a variety of use cases and interactions as you iteratively develop your app. By running tests against your app consistently, you can verify your app’s correctness, functional behavior, and usability before you release it publicly. The most commonly used testing libraries are Expresso, Junit, Mockito, Robolectric, and UI Automator. When the screen is rotated the current activity is destroyed and recreated in a new orientation. The stability of an Activity should always be maintained when screen orientation changes.

Crazy UI and UX skills

Due to this fact, all mobile app developers need to be well-versed in all of the top coding languages used on both platforms. All mobile app developers must have stellar UI design skills to ensure that the final design is simple and intuitive for end-users to navigate. Regardless of the industry and domain, companies across the globe are looking for app developers who are well-versed in every layer of the development. And there are various programming tools, technologies, and skills that are required to be a flawless mobile app developer. The industry for mobile application development continues to grow as mobile devices become the center of communication and work.

  • We seek a skilled and experienced Mobile App Developer to join our dynamic team.
  • With a career as an Android app developer, you can create mobile apps that are used on Android smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • Git lets you experiment with new application features and coding techniques with confidence.
  • Richard brings over 20 years of website development, SEO, and marketing to the table.
  • Since most applications use either Java (for Android) or Swift (for iOS), knowing these programming languages becomes a fundamental skill every developer should know inside and out.
  • The most basic building block of Android development is a programming language.

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Mobile Developer VS Web Developer: Choose the Right Career

The majority of developers today focus on making their apps visible to the users. Easier said than done, this requires a sound understanding of the business as developers should be able to optimize their apps accordingly to make it visible on the Google Play Store. Hence, if you’re an app developer wanting to develop an Android app, understanding the business side of things can be the real deal.

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